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Estate planning lawyers can help with the basics

There is no reason why the end-of-life affairs have to be a complicated, stressful concept. Everyday estate planning really boils down to a few simple steps. Don't be put off by thoughts of complicated documentation. By acting now it's possible to prevent hardship for oneself and others down the road. For Florida residents, knowing a few simple facts can help, even before contacting estate planning lawyers

Melbourne, Florida: An estate planning checklist

End-of-life planning can be made so much simpler by keeping a few simple steps in mind. One does not have to be intimidated by estate planning, or feel that estate planning is simply for the very rich. The concepts of estate planning can be broken down into easy-to-approach chunks, and it is likely that many people in Florida intuitively have already begun to address this type of planning already. Those individuals in Melbourne who are ready to start estate planning may possibly wish to consider the following estate planning checklist. 

Florida: Estate planning tips

Everyone likes to have a few tips and tricks to consider when they approach a new, serious project. Estate planning is no different. In Florida, many people use a lawyer to help them navigate the world of estate planning, but it is possible to glean some information from the internet in order to be better prepared for the big day with an attorney. A recent news post shared a few tips and tricks for estate planning.

Estate planning lawyers can simplify advanced directives

Making plans for one's estate is a complicated process that some people in Florida and elsewhere choose to avoid. However, considering how such plans can allow a person control over important matters once he or she is incapacitated and unable to communicate, it might be worth a consultation with estate planning lawyers. A recent study in the Journal of Patient Safety indicates that doctors are often confused when reading advance directives of patients. Because of that, it might be smart to use the guidance of skilled legal counsel when drafting such directives.

Estate planning: Having the final say about asset distribution

Any Florida resident who wants to avoid having the state make important decisions about the distribution of his or her property after death can draft estate-planning documents. That will also spare that person's loved ones the burden of complicated decision-making after his or her death. Knowing that one's estate planning is taken care of can be liberating and give peace of mind.

Starting a blended family requires revised estate planning

When families in Florida are joined in second or third marriages, blended families are formed. Along with the excitement and adjustments to get used to the new dynamics with children of both spouses, and potential children together, estate planning is sometimes forgotten. Every blended family is different and has unique estate planning needs to address. The best place to start may be a prenuptial agreement that is probably the most effective way of protecting the children of each spouse while also defining each spouse's financial responsibilities and rights in the marriage.

Should advance directives form part of estate planning?

The unpredictability of life is likely what motivates people in Florida to create advanced directives. This is typically done as part of a person's estate planning. The purpose of advanced directives is to provide a way for people to document their wishes related to health care and medical treatment when they can no longer make those decisions on their own.

What are the inheritance rights of a surviving spouse in Florida?

When a person dies, his or her spouse has certain rights to the deceased person's assets. These rights are governed by the inheritance law of the state and might override the contents of a will. In Florida, a surviving spouse who was disinherited might be entitled to a share of the property of the deceased spouse.

Who is responsible for debt when a Florida parent dies?

When parents pass away, their surviving children sometimes discover unpaid debts of which they were unaware. This often leaves the question of whether children in Florida are responsible for the debts of their deceased parents. The answer to this depends on the types of debts and whose name they are in -- and then there are often exceptions to any rules.

Estate planning lawyers and succession planning for businesses

Some company owners feel comfortable with the thought that their businesses are their retirement plans and their children will take over upon their deaths. Unfortunately, too many companies in Florida end up having to close their doors because proper succession planning was not done. To make sure nothing is left unaddressed, the services of estate planning lawyers, along with other professionals may be necessary.


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