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Melbourne, Florida: Estate planning documents save grief

Some people may think that they can secure their estate simply by letting their wishes be known to their friends and family. Unfortunately, this informal method does not supersede governmental laws and policies regarding wills and guardianship. One recent news article tells more about how having estate planning documents in place in case of emergency can prevent a lot of unnecessary confusion later. Individuals in Melbourne and other areas of Florida may find this information helpful as they consider their end-of-life planning.

Estate and probate administration: No electronic wills in Florida

A technological advance is put on hold for the moment in the Sunshine State. Florida governor Rick Scott has vetoed the Electronic Wills Act. Citing vulnerabilities in the legislation, he encouraged the legislature to work on a more suitable bill. For now, estate and probate administration will be handled the traditional way in Florida,  using in person notaries and witnesses. 

Navigating probate litigation in Melbourne can be challenging

Losing a loved one will naturally be an emotional time for you, and if the deceased person did not have a clear and precise will, complications could arise that can worsen the trauma of the loss. However, an experienced estate planning law firm such as Willian A. Johnson, P.A. in Melbourne, Florida understand the complex emotional and legal complications that such circumstances can bring about. We know that the aftereffects of a loved one's death often bring about emotional clashes between family members, and we aim to address the concerns of all.

Estate administration in Florida: Legal guidance is available

Executors of estates are often close relatives of the deceased persons, and may not familiar with the tasks involved. In fact, the prospects may seem overwhelming, but estate administrators in Florida need not despair because legal guidance is available. The primary responsibility of the executor of a will revolves around the management of the deceased's financial obligations. The responsibilities include asset distribution as directed by the will.


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