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Navigating probate litigation in Melbourne can be challenging

Mar 28, 2017 | Probate & Estate Administration

Losing a loved one will naturally be an emotional time for you, and if the deceased person did not have a clear and precise will, complications could arise that can worsen the trauma of the loss. However, an experienced estate planning law firm such as William A. Johnson, P.A. in Melbourne, Florida understand the complex emotional and legal complications that such circumstances can bring about. We know that the aftereffects of a loved one’s death often bring about emotional clashes between family members, and we aim to address the concerns of all.

The list of problems that may cause disputes to erupt is endless. With almost 25 years of experience, our firm has dealt with many arguments about the validity of wills. Allegations and accusations may include the lack of the deceased loved one’s testamentary capacity or undue influence by another person. There may be more than one competing will or fraud, mistakes or forgery could be suspected.

Different interpretations of the will or trust may bring about disputes, or the valuation or accounting of the estate could be challenged. Some of the surviving family members may be unhappy about the appointment of a particular trustee or personal representative. Other problems may arise when a breach of fiduciary duty by this individual is suspected, or guardianship proceedings might be contested.

Furthermore, we can also handle ancillary administration if your deceased loved one was from another state but owned property in Melbourne or elsewhere in Brevard County. This will require you to open a secondary probate proceeding that could make the process even more complicated. Enlisting the help of William A. Johnson, P.A. could ease the process because we will provide support throughout, including any litigation that may be involved.