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Donating to charity: Donating after death

If you're an avid golfer or love participating in your community's events, then you may be someone who wants to give to charity following your death. Whether or not your family agrees with your decision, this is something that could give you great peace. You love knowing that you're leaving something for others who may need it more than those you're closest to.

Estate planning can include power of attorney guidance

Throughout their lives, many individuals will sign various types of legal documents. One of these legal designations that may become an important part of estate planning is the power of attorney. There are two main types of powers of attorney -- financial and medical. A person in Florida who wishes to be well-prepared for late-in-life needs may wish to know more about this important role. 

Remember the art in the estate plan

Many individuals, from the everyday collector to the wealthy investor, may overlook the method for transferring their collections upon their passing. One popular item that people collect is art. Art can appreciate in value, and transferring the art could potentially be problematic or contentious without a proper estate plan. In Florida, some thoughtful art collectors have chosen to allocate this asset in advance with a solid plan.

Estate planning lawyers can help kickstart your future plans

An early start to end-of-life planning can save grief after one's demise. In Florida, one can choose to consult with all manner of financial professionals, estate planning lawyers, family, friends and charities to put together the full picture of asset allocation after death. Some people falsely believe that this type of planning is only for the rich, but many individuals can benefit from a proper plan. 

Estate planning below the federal estate tax threshhold

At the end of life, the amount of wealth one has amassed has value to the individual, not only in terms of material wealth, but in terms of the hard work and persistence exerted to accrue it. Some individuals deeply care about where the wealth goes and how the money will be handled. It can be tempting to forgo estate planning, but even individuals whose net worth falls below federal minimums for estate tax may require a few legal protections to ensure that their hard-earned cash will be distributed as they see fit. In Florida, many individuals can potentially benefit from estate planning. 

Estate planning can prevent exploitation by criminals

It can be hard to imagine a legal route for a person to take away another person's rights and property, but unfortunately, in some places, loopholes can allow bad actors to slip through. The guardianship system, designed to protect vulnerable, often elderly, adults, has been implicated in the exploitation of people in the past. Luckily, individuals in Florida can take steps to prevent inappropriate guardians from seizing their property through estate planning. 

Estate planning for everyone

A well-crafted set of end-of-life documents can make for a smoother transition for family during a time of grief. In Florida, many individuals consider estate planning to be only for the very rich, but experts would say that this perception is incorrect. Almost every person has at least one item that he or she wants to pass on, and without a binding legal document, this can be unnecessarily complicated. Powers of attorney also become important in medical emergencies, and no person is exempt from emergencies. 

Estate planning lawyers can help with the basics

There is no reason why the end-of-life affairs have to be a complicated, stressful concept. Everyday estate planning really boils down to a few simple steps. Don't be put off by thoughts of complicated documentation. By acting now it's possible to prevent hardship for oneself and others down the road. For Florida residents, knowing a few simple facts can help, even before contacting estate planning lawyers

Melbourne, Florida: An estate planning checklist

End-of-life planning can be made so much simpler by keeping a few simple steps in mind. One does not have to be intimidated by estate planning, or feel that estate planning is simply for the very rich. The concepts of estate planning can be broken down into easy-to-approach chunks, and it is likely that many people in Florida intuitively have already begun to address this type of planning already. Those individuals in Melbourne who are ready to start estate planning may possibly wish to consider the following estate planning checklist. 

Florida: Estate planning tips

Everyone likes to have a few tips and tricks to consider when they approach a new, serious project. Estate planning is no different. In Florida, many people use a lawyer to help them navigate the world of estate planning, but it is possible to glean some information from the internet in order to be better prepared for the big day with an attorney. A recent news post shared a few tips and tricks for estate planning.


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