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Estate planning for end-of-life wishes

Thinking about end-of-life matters can be uncomfortable. It can be difficult to imagine a future in which a person no longer has control over themselves, their bodies or their decisions. However, the fact is that many people will face this reality whether they planned or failed to do so. Thorough attention to detail during estate planning can help people in Florida maintain control over their lives even during periods of incapacitation.

Is probate a bad thing?

Creating an estate plan is important for many reasons. Doing so can ensure that a person's medical choices are respected, assets are distributed according to the maker's wishes and that surviving Florida family members have a clear plan to follow in the wake of their loved one's death. Another big plus to estate planning? Easing the probate process. 

Important estate planning roles and who should fill them

Creating a comprehensive estate plan can be an empowering act. A person must take the time to tackle difficult questions, such as what will happen if he or she is incapacitated and unable to make medical decisions? How does the individual want his or her valuables to be handled after death? However, for as hard as people work on the estate planning process, some in Florida do not consider certain roles as carefully as they should.

Estate planning for taxes and generational wealth

A well-laid plan can ensure security for generations to come. Even in Melbourne, Florida, individuals look to financial advisers and estate planning lawyers for guidance on estate taxes and planning. Recent changes to the tax code have affected the amount of money that can be left without meeting the estate tax threshold. For other high-asset individuals, the use of special trusts can help a person achieve family goals. 

Avoid probate with careful estate planning

The point of estate planning is to help an individual ensure that one's final wishes are honored after his or her death. By creating a will, many individuals in Florida intend to leave a set of instructions for how they want their assets to be distributed in the event of their passing. Probate comes into play when a will must be proved to be the true last will and testament of the decedent in court. Some people choose to use certain techniques to avoid probate, as probate can lengthen the time between the person's death and the distribution of funds. 

Estate planning for pets in Florida

Pets are beloved members of many households and are often cared for like any other member of the family. A person does not necessarily have to be of wealthy means to make the pet part of one's estate planning. If individuals in Florida expect that their pets may outlive them, or if they just want to be well-prepared in case of an emergency, adding a pet into the estate plan can be a way to ensure that the pet's needs are met throughout its lifetime. 

Estate planning includes several factors

Confronting one's own mortality isn't pleasant, but taking steps now can ensure that one's relatives receive the inheritance one chooses for them. Estate planning can also help a person set guidelines for how they want affairs to be handled in the event that they become ill and incapacitated. Changing technology means that a person may also want to set policies for how digital accounts are handled after death. In Florida, there are a few common items on the estate planning checklist. 

Estate planning tips: organize and streamline

No one wants to feel like they inherited a mess. Whether physical or financial, the mess can be daunting to a person who is sorting through it while grieving. An individual who wishes to offer a cleaned-up, easy-to-sort-through estate to their heirs may benefit from the estate planning tip to organize and streamline the process. Florida residents can apply several strategies to avoid leaving a messy estate. 

Planning for long-term care needs

Looking ahead to retirement, many individuals know that they will need a plan for financing their costs of living and the eventual distribution of their assets upon their death. Unfortunately, sometimes the costs of long-term care is overlooked when people assume that their health insurance will cover any of those needs. In Florida, a person has some options and strategies available when it comes to planning for medical needs in the event of decline or incapacitation. 

Keeping trust documents updated can prevent frustration

Imagine the frustration that can come with not being able to locate an important legal document when it is needed. Amplify that frustration when the document is found, but is either out of date, incorrect or an unauthorized copy. Estate blunders such as these can provoke feelings of frustration, confusion and anxiety for successors and heirs when the time comes to administer one's estate. In Florida, a trust or a will must be kept up to date to avoid common problems that can confuse or slow down the administration process. 


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