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Long-term care planning should start early

Health care costs are steadily climbing. Individuals who think they may face long-term senior care costs down the road are encouraged to start long-term care planning now. In Florida, Medicaid may not cover all the financial needs and some people choose to take steps to bridge the coverage gap. 

Long-term care an affordability issue

No one likes to think that they will be unable to care for a loved one should they require assistance in the late stages of life. Unfortunately, without a solid plan in today's society, people may have to make sacrifices in order to afford care. One woman shared her story and strategy for survival while paying for her husband's assisted living. Folks considering long-term care in Florida may glean some useful information from this woman's story. 

Long term care expectations differ for Hispanic population

Culturally, many Hispanics are intent on maintaining the home environment for their elders as they age, a recent study shows. A recent poll shows that the Hispanic population has less confidence in long term care facilities such as nursing homes and that families tend to prefer to keep their loved ones at home. Some Florida nursing homes are taking a more attentive approach to the needs of this population in an effort to gain trust. 

Long-term estate planning tips for Florida residents

When it comes to planning estate needs, most Americans either deny or delay making these important decisions. By spending a few hours preparing now, individuals can save themselves worry and discomfort in the future. There are a few simple tips that can help with long-term estate planning that individuals in Florida may find useful in their care planning journey.

Melbourne, Florida: Start early for long-term care

Few people like to spend much time thinking about how they might become dependent as they age. Daily tasks, such as housekeeping, hygiene, and taking care of bodily functions are sometimes taken for granted. Aging and disability may take a toll on a person's ability to self-care at home, sometimes leading to a need for entering a nursing home. A recent news story shares information that people in Melbourne, Florida may find helpful when consulting with attorneys to plan their long-term care.

Long-term care planning need not be an overwhelming process

Most people in Florida have expectations and visions for their own old age. These may include matters related to how a person wants end-of-life arrangements to be made, along with plans for long-term care, a will, trusts and any other estate plans. However, the prospect of drafting all the necessary documents and keeping it updated may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, help is available.

Why would a Florida resident draft a durable power of attorney?

A power of attorney is a document that typically forms part of a person's estate planning. People nationwide, including in Florida, usually draft such a document to protect their interests when they become unable to do it themselves. A person would choose a trusted individual -- which could be a friend, relative, lawyer or other individual -- to make decisions on his or her behalf when he or she becomes incapacitated.

Drafting a to-do list when planning retirement in Florida

Many people go through life making lists to help them plan major events such as weddings and more. Retirement is such an event that needs careful planning, and making a to-do list can ensure nothing is left unaddressed. Florida residents may want to start with giving serious thought to the desired retirement age -- considering that a couple of extra years can provide a significant boost to retirement savings.


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