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Navigating The Probate Process

Probate is the court process for administering the estate of someone who has passed away. It involves identifying assets, validating the will, paying debts and distributing property.

The probate process in Florida can be lengthy and complicated. There are many procedural requirements to navigate. The personal representative (or executor) shoulders immense responsibility. As the party who legally represents the estate, you must fulfill multiple duties with a high standard of care.

For surviving family members, probate is often a source of frustration and stress, especially if you are in the midst of grieving. At William A. Johnson, P.A., we can make the process easy for you. Applying nearly 25 years of experience, our lawyer will shoulder your legal burdens, providing a personal and compassionate touch.

Estate And Trust Administration

What if your loved one set up a trust or other legal tools to avoid the probate process? How do you handle assets that don’t need to go through probate?

Estate and trust administration involve important legal duties. We can guide you through all aspects of managing your loved one’s estate, whether probate is necessary or not.

What If A Dispute Arises?

Unfortunately, probate and estate administration do not always go as smoothly as planned. Emotions can run high, leading to intense legal battles. In these cases, our attorney provides experienced and effective advocacy. He will work to protect your interests while minimizing the cost, stress and frustration involved in probate litigation.

Ancillary Administration

What if your loved one lived out of state but owned property in Florida? In these situations, you will likely have to open a secondary probate proceeding – called ancillary administration – in Florida. It is critical to enlist the help of a local lawyer who understands the law and procedural rules.

We routinely handle ancillary administrations on behalf of out-of-state clients and attorneys. Our lawyer offers valuable insights gained through handling probate matters in Florida courts for more than two decades.


A guardian has legal authority to make decisions on someone else’s behalf. Guardianship proceedings can involve minors or incapacitated adults. If you are seeking a guardianship appointment for a loved one, turn to our firm for help. We handle all types of guardianship proceedings.

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