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Long-term estate planning tips for Florida residents

Aug 3, 2017 | Long-Term Care Planning

When it comes to planning estate needs, most Americans either deny or delay making these important decisions. By spending a few hours preparing now, individuals can save themselves worry and discomfort in the future. There are a few simple tips that can help with long-term estate planning that individuals in Florida may find useful in their care planning journey.

First, a person will want to do an inventory of what they have and what help is available to them. That person can then take the list of physical assets and savings and think of ways to maximize them. Another important step is to consider other aspects of senior care, including financial, legal and emotional needs. It is important to do the research, but people should know when to consult with a professional in order to avoid getting confused or led astray.

Professionals can provide support when a person is making his or her plan. So a well-rounded long-term care plan could include consults with doctors, financial advisors, insurance agents and lawyers — all professionals that can give useful knowledge based on their experience. Finally, once a person develops the plan that best works for their needs, it should be shared with family members. 

By starting long-term estate planning now, individuals are more likely to maximize their options and give themselves a better chance of thriving in their old age. As society allows individuals to live longer and stronger lives,”>long-term care planning will become a relevant concern for almost everyone. Professionals, including estate planning attorneys, can be a very useful aid on the journey for individuals planning for long-term care in Florida. 

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