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February 2018 Archives

Estate planning can include power of attorney guidance

Throughout their lives, many individuals will sign various types of legal documents. One of these legal designations that may become an important part of estate planning is the power of attorney. There are two main types of powers of attorney -- financial and medical. A person in Florida who wishes to be well-prepared for late-in-life needs may wish to know more about this important role. 

Include digital assets in estate administration instructions

The volume and numbers of data accumulated by the average human being has increased exponentially in just the last decade. The previous ten years or so has brought the iPhone, Facebook, Gmail and a host of other digital and social media accounts. For individuals in Florida who wish to direct how this digital information will be handled during estate administration after their death. experts recommend including the digital accounts in the last will and testament documents. 

A special needs trust can provide for a disabled child

Many Americans are born with disabilities every year. Parents typically love to dote on their children and ensure that their special needs are met. Ultimately, however, the time may come that the parent isn't able to care for the child, or the parent passes away, which can leave a disabled person without needed supports. A special needs trust is one tool that is available to disabled individuals in Florida that can ensure his or her stability for years to come. 

Long-term care planning can include Medicare and Social Security

Individuals typically require more health care as they age. That is why many people incorporate long-term care planning as part of their estate plans. To fully understand one's long-term care funding sources in Florida, individuals will want to become familiar with the benefits that can be provided by two government programs, Medicare and Social Security. 


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