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What veterans’ benefits should you focus on?

Jul 26, 2023 | Estate Planning

Your service in the military entitles you to certain benefits. However, understanding your eligibility for veteran benefits and which ones to take advantage of might cause confusion.

There are many places and organizations that offer veterans benefits such as a discounted meal or lodging rate. You should know which government-sponsored benefits to select.

1. Medical benefits

Healthcare benefits are one of the more well-known veterans receive. They offer regular checkups, diagnostics and immunizations. Some also provide emergency care, surgeries, health education and more. Eligible individuals may receive assistance with assisted living services or mental health programs.

2. Disability compensation

Veterans who received an honorable discharge from the service and received their disability from their service or who had their disability exacerbated from their service can submit a claim for compensation. The VA may require these individuals to visit a VA doctor before approving the claim.

3. Home loan

Veterans are eligible for special lending options when buying a home. This program offers better debt-to-income requirements, lower interest rates, more lenient credit scores and lower closing costs.

4. Education

As a veteran, your education benefits can also extend to your family members. This program helps military members transition back into the workforce. It can pay for training programs, vocational education or college.

5. Pension

With pension benefits, a veteran receives monthly payments to help with expenses. There are specific qualifying factors, some of which include service record, age and disability status. Certain family members could receive a pension after the veteran passes away.

As a veteran, you deserve the thanks and appreciation of a grateful nation. Take advantage of the benefits you earned through your service.