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Don't wait to plan for long-term care

Knowing how much something will cost is important for making informed decisions of all kinds. For example, before purchasing a car or taking out a mortgage, people in Florida should understand both the monthly and long-term costs. Anticipating future costs becomes a little less clear when dealing with long-term care, but here are a few things individuals can do to make the process more transparent and easier.

Should I worry about digital assets during estate planning?

Creating an estate plan may seem fairly straightforward. After a person completes a last will and testament, he or she might feel as if all estate planning needs have been fulfilled. Not only is this approach somewhat misguided -- updating plans is very important -- but it also may leave out some very important assets.

Here's why you need long-term care planning

Growing older is a privilege that most people hope to have, but few actually plan for. The reality is that most adults who live past retirement will need specialized services at some point in time, and those services can be extremely expensive. Rather than ignoring this side of things and hoping to figure it out later on, adults living in Florida can use long-term care planning to make sure their future needs are taken care of.

Aretha Franklin's estate planning mistake

Creating an estate plan that creates a lasting legacy or that at least makes things easier for family members should be a priority for Florida residents. Many people understand this and do their best to make sure that they plan appropriately. However, not everyone fully understands how estate planning works, and these individuals can make costly mistakes. This is the situation that the family of the late singer Aretha Franklin is dealing with right now.


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