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Aretha Franklin’s estate planning mistake

Jun 6, 2019 | Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan that creates a lasting legacy or that at least makes things easier for family members should be a priority for Florida residents. Many people understand this and do their best to make sure that they plan appropriately. However, not everyone fully understands how estate planning works, and these individuals can make costly mistakes. This is the situation that the family of the late singer Aretha Franklin is dealing with right now.

Franklin passed away in Aug. 2018, and at the time, her family believes that she had not left behind a will. It was only recently discovered that, not only had Franklin indeed had a will, but that at least three had been found in her house. All of the wills are handwritten and were not necessarily located in safe or obvious locations. One of the wills was found underneath a seat cushion.

Her family submitted all three of the wills to the probate process, which will determine whether any of the documents have any type of legal standing. While it might be helpful to get a better idea of Franklin’s wishes, it still complicates the process. The discovery of the wills will likely lengthen the probate process and cost her estate more money. It is also possible that her family will uncover more wills.

Creating a legal, valid will does not have to be a complicated process. Despite what some people think, estate planning can be a relatively straightforward process that allows people in Florida to detail their wishes, heirs and more. Those who are confused about where to start with this process may want to consider speaking with an experienced attorney about their options.