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Should advance directives form part of estate planning?

The unpredictability of life is likely what motivates people in Florida to create advanced directives. This is typically done as part of a person's estate planning. The purpose of advanced directives is to provide a way for people to document their wishes related to health care and medical treatment when they can no longer make those decisions on their own.

What are the inheritance rights of a surviving spouse in Florida?

When a person dies, his or her spouse has certain rights to the deceased person's assets. These rights are governed by the inheritance law of the state and might override the contents of a will. In Florida, a surviving spouse who was disinherited might be entitled to a share of the property of the deceased spouse.

Who is responsible for debt when a Florida parent dies?

When parents pass away, their surviving children sometimes discover unpaid debts of which they were unaware. This often leaves the question of whether children in Florida are responsible for the debts of their deceased parents. The answer to this depends on the types of debts and whose name they are in -- and then there are often exceptions to any rules.


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