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April 2018 Archives

Should you write a will in your 30s?

When you wake up and realize you've reached your 30s, it's possible that you'll understand just how much you have to do. When you're a teenager or 20-year-old, you're barely starting out in life. Now, you may have a family and career you plan to advance in. You want to do everything you can to help yourself.

Estate planning for pets in Florida

Pets are beloved members of many households and are often cared for like any other member of the family. A person does not necessarily have to be of wealthy means to make the pet part of one's estate planning. If individuals in Florida expect that their pets may outlive them, or if they just want to be well-prepared in case of an emergency, adding a pet into the estate plan can be a way to ensure that the pet's needs are met throughout its lifetime. 

Power of attorney can aid in long-term care estate plan

As individuals age, they may find themselves contemplating their eventual need for assistance during the end of their lives. Sometimes, a person may become incapacitated and need to go into a nursing home or other long-term care. While one is there, he or she may need someone to manage his or her financial affairs. A power of attorney can assist Florida residents with these matters.  

Estate planning includes several factors

Confronting one's own mortality isn't pleasant, but taking steps now can ensure that one's relatives receive the inheritance one chooses for them. Estate planning can also help a person set guidelines for how they want affairs to be handled in the event that they become ill and incapacitated. Changing technology means that a person may also want to set policies for how digital accounts are handled after death. In Florida, there are a few common items on the estate planning checklist. 

Survey shows family drama among estate planning woes

In light of recent news about tax law changes, some people are worried about how the changes could affect future plans, but a survey shows that even more people are concerned about family issues. Due to the changing and expanding nature of families, estate planning has become more of a challenge for some individuals. A thorough look at the needs and values of a family can help a person plan for his or her needs and wishes in regard to his or her Florida estate. 


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