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Navigating probate litigation in Melbourne can be challenging

Losing a loved one will naturally be an emotional time for you, and if the deceased person did not have a clear and precise will, complications could arise that can worsen the trauma of the loss. However, an experienced estate planning law firm such as Willian A. Johnson, P.A. in Melbourne, Florida understand the complex emotional and legal complications that such circumstances can bring about. We know that the aftereffects of a loved one's death often bring about emotional clashes between family members, and we aim to address the concerns of all.

Florida residents may have questions about incentive trusts

Who knew a parent or grandparent could continue encouraging his or her children or grandchildren to live healthy lives and work and study hard even after his or her death. Florida residents may be interested in learning that an incentive trust could serve that purpose. This type of trust -- when drafted wisely and without being insensitive and controlling -- can pass wealth in the form of valuable life lessons rather than money to the younger generation.

5 estate planning mistakes retirees should avoid

Estate planning mistakes can create uncertainty and division among your loved ones, and prevent your property from going to your intended beneficiaries. . Once you move to Florida after you retire, you should take steps to ensure that your estate plan is in order so that your heirs and beneficiaries don't have to worry about your estate when you pass away.

Florida residents may unknowingly have inconsistent wills

While making a will is a sensible thing to do, some people may not be aware of the assets and property that cannot form part of a will. Certain assets are already earmarked for beneficiaries, and when those are left to different individuals in the will of a Florida resident, the instructions cannot be carried out. To ensure such errors don't sneak into a carefully drafted will, it might be wise to seek professional guidance.

Florida parents to keep children informed about estate plans

While it is important for everybody to draft wills and establish estate plans, it is also essential for children to have some knowledge of their aging parents' plans. Florida families that are fortunate to still have their parents around may have a few questions to ask them before they are unable to provide the answers. Not knowing where their wills were left for safekeeping can make things tough for surviving family members upon a parent's death.


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