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December 2016 Archives

Florida trust administration: Who will protect your assets?

Most people recognize the importance of estate planning and typically want to ensure they entrust the right people with their assets. In many scenarios, trust administration is an important consideration when planning an estate, and careful consideration typically accompanies the choice of a trustee. Professional guidance in Florida can be a significant advantage in choosing who to entrust with estate administration.

Florida residents may want to consider drafting a living trust

In Florida and elsewhere, reports of people suffering catastrophic injuries in accidents appear in the media every day. It's one reason why estate planning is so important. While many accident victims have made plans to cover such circumstances, others believe that documents such as living wills are for the rich. However, regardless of a person's economic standing, an advance directive can speak for an individual when he or she unable to do so.

Important considerations before retiring

As we are a few weeks from a new year, many people may be considering what their new year’s resolutions will be. For some, losing weight will be most important. For others, getting a handle on finances and debt is critical. Both are important when it comes to retirement, as there will be millions more who turn 65 in 2017 and will look to retire. Do you think you are ready? This post will identify a few things to help you in your planning. 

Is my out-of-state will valid in Florida?

Many couples choose to make their home in Florida later in life. However, moving to another state can affect the validity of a will. While many out-of-state wills are not completely invalidated in Florida, differences in estate laws could affect the content of your will and how your property is distributed.


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