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June 2018 Archives

Help with Medicaid is essential for Florida elders

End-of-life care is something that everyone should be able to access with dignity. Unfortunately, the cost of residential facilities often exceeds what anyone is able to pay and is particularly impossible for elders who are on fixed incomes. With the cost of Florida nursing homes seemingly out of reach, you may be able to help your loved one qualify for Medicaid to help cover costs.

Estate plan issues plague comic book legend Stan Lee

Stan Lee might be most well-known in Florida for creating super heroes like Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk during his time as a powerhouse at Marvel Comics, but his most recent headlines have more to do with his estate than his creative work. Most people in Florida assume that estate planning only deals with issues after a person's death, but Lee's recent issues highlight the benefits of also planning for the final stages of life. This includes selecting reliable trustees and caretakers who can manage a person's financial interests, medical decisions and other important aspects of their estate plan.

Wills are an essential estate planning tool

A will can function as a useful tool in settling one's final affairs. Most people know to include a will in the estate planning process, but what exactly can a will do? Individuals in Florida who choose to use a will may wish to find out a little bit more about the functionality of a will

An estate plan for the digital age

Many people don't immediately think of their online lives when planning for the future, but most people spend a significant portion of their time online. Whether it is Facebook, points rewards programs or email accounts, most people probably have some type of digital asset that will need to be settled after their death. Incorporating digital assets has become a larger part of most people's estate plan, and in Florida, being ready to transfer administrative power to these assets can help preserve their financial and sentimental value. 

A special needs trust can create a safety net for loved ones

A parent or caregiver for an individual with a disability may wish to create a situation in which his or her loved one can thrive. The disabled individual may also be looking at ways to utilize income and savings alongside government benefits. A special needs trust can be one option for individuals looking to diversify their financial resources. In Melbourne, Florida, individuals can create these trusts and also preserve other benefits. 


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