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February 2019 Archives

Are living trusts right for you?

Many people in Florida feel as if creating a will is sufficient for their estate planning needs. However, in most cases a more comprehensive approach to estate planning is best. Incorporating things like living wills, powers of attorney and trusts can help achieve the best possible protection and benefits possible. Living trusts are particularly popular in this regard.

Is talking about estate planning enough?

Few people in Florida would dispute the importance of end-of-life planning. From drawing up wills to sorting out preferred medical treatments, estate planning is a fairly essential process, particularly for those who are around 50 years old. Unfortunately, the actual percentage of people engaging in estate planning is relatively low.

Are trusts necessary for transferring gun ownership?

Transferring property may seem as if it should be easy, but there can be complicating factors. This is the case when it comes to leaving behind firearms for heirs, as doing so incorrectly can actually be a criminal offense. Florida gun owners can use trusts to effectively and legally pass on their firearms after death.

Estate planning for end-of-life wishes

Thinking about end-of-life matters can be uncomfortable. It can be difficult to imagine a future in which a person no longer has control over themselves, their bodies or their decisions. However, the fact is that many people will face this reality whether they planned or failed to do so. Thorough attention to detail during estate planning can help people in Florida maintain control over their lives even during periods of incapacitation.


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