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January 2019 Archives

I think my loved one's will isn't valid -- what do I do?

The period of time following a loved one's death is often filled with overwhelming emotions. You will probably still be in the middle of the grieving process when it is time to handle your loved one's will and estate. To make matters more complicated, you and your family might not be happy with the will or may even suspect that it is not even valid. In such cases, you need experienced help on your side.

How to use an incentive trust for a loved one with an addiction

It might be difficult to find a Florida family that has not been affected by addiction in some fashion. These families often struggle with addressing the difficult line that runs between enabling a loved one and providing sometimes necessary support. Things can get even more complicated during estate planning, but an incentive trust can help ease some people's worries.

Improve generational wealth through estate planning communication

Accumulating wealth can be difficult. Maintaining that wealth is also a fairly troublesome task. Business owners and other high net worth families in Florida often struggle with ensuring the continuation of their wealth from generation to generation, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. With careful estate planning and open lines of communication, families can better ensure generations of ongoing wealth.

It's time to bring estate planning into the digital age

It is hard to imagine a life before a person in Florida could update their social media only for it to be read moments later by a person on the other side of the world. Technology has certainly changed the world and the way much of society functions, but are institutions equipped to handle these changes? When it comes to estate planning, some important updates might be in order to ensure that digital assets are thoroughly protected.

Want to get more organized? Don't forget estate planning

Those in Florida who made New Year's' resolutions to get their lives more organized might be overlooking an important step -- creating an estate plan. Estate planning is important for every stage of life and can help individuals better organize their assets, final wishes and more. Here are some important steps to getting better organized with an estate plan.


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