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I think my loved one’s will isn’t valid — what do I do?

Jan 30, 2019 | Trust Administration

The period of time following a loved one’s death is often filled with overwhelming emotions. You will probably still be in the middle of the grieving process when it is time to handle your loved one’s will and estate. To make matters more complicated, you and your family might not be happy with the will or may even suspect that it is not even valid. In such cases, you need experienced help on your side.

Most people in Florida create more than one will in their lifetime, and understandably so. A person’s assets change, thoughts on charitable giving can shift and new family members are born while others pass away. But what if your loved one updated his or her will and forgot to put the new version in a safe and easily accessible place? Or you cannot determine what controls between two competing wills?

This is just one possible issue with the will you might encounter. Even if your family member created a will and made sure the most recent copy was readily available, he or she might have been the victim of undue influence. In other cases, the will a family is using to handle an estate ends up being a forged copy of the original, with some of the terms changed.

You might be tempted to overlook some of your concerns regarding your loved one’s will. After all, your emotions are running high and you may be worried that you are not looking at things straight. Unfortunately, issues involving wills are more common than you might think. If you need to learn more about this or other Florida estate issues, be sure to visit our website.