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Melbourne, Florida: Estate planning documents save grief

Aug 10, 2017 | Probate & Estate Administration

Some people may think that they can secure their estate simply by letting their wishes be known to their friends and family. Unfortunately, this informal method does not supersede governmental laws and policies regarding wills and guardianship. One recent news article tells more about how having estate planning documents in place in case of emergency can prevent a lot of unnecessary confusion later. Individuals in Melbourne and other areas of Florida may find this information helpful as they consider their end-of-life planning.

It is hard to think about one’s own mortality. Some people like to avoid it and do not put plans into place before the inevitable happens. But putting off the creation of necessary documentation puts one’s family at risk if things change unexpectedly. Parents especially should consider the well-being of their children and make a formal plan for their future. Without a formal document, the state takes over in the event of a person’s death and will choose the fate of the children and/or any assets. 

One part of the emergency plan for minor children should include first responders (those who will attend to the kids in case of an emergency) as well as long-term guardians. These wishes should be formalized in a written document such as a will or a trust. This document should also include what should happen to assets and insurance payouts. Another important consideration is that the beneficiaries for any policies be up-to-date and appropriately named. 

By having these estate planning documents in place now, while one is able to think clearly and discuss family needs with a spouse or close family, it is possible to reduce confusion and grief should a tragedy occur later. In Melbourne and surrounding areas individuals often choose to consult with a professional for help. A Florida estate planning attorney can offer his or her knowledge and skills to ensure that a person has the needed documents in place that protect one’s family. 

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