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Ready to talk about your estate plan? Keep this tips in mind

Oct 31, 2018 | Estate Planning

Discussing end-of-life matters is not always easy, but those who tackle the topic with their family can realize incredible benefits. Unfortunately, loved ones are not always so receptive to these topics. Florida individuals who want to discuss their estate plan with heirs but are worried about their reaction may want to consider these helpful tips.

Having this discussion often means laying a few ground rules. These may include no interrupting, respecting — without necessarily having to agree with — each person’s opinion and keeping everything private. It is not really possible to have an open discussion about the contents of a will if people are constantly talking over one another and ignoring what they have to say.

Even if all of these rules are respected, going from discussing end-of-life medical wishes to who gets what in an inheritance can be quite jarring. It can take time to catch up with these types of difficult transitions, so conversations should follow an intentional path. This could include letting everyone know ahead of time what topics will be discussed or announcing the shift in subject before moving on.

It is important to make sure that beloved family members are aware of the contents of an estate plan ahead of time. When everyone involved knows what’s going on in the will and in terms of their own inheritance, disputes during the estate administration process may be less likely to occur. Keeping everyone in the loop can also alleviate uncertainty that some people in Florida deal with when grieving.