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Should you be asking your parents about estate planning?

Apr 23, 2019 | Long-Term Care Planning

Even for adult children, it is hard to imagine a life in which parents have specialized medical needs or where they are not around anymore at all. Unfortunately, these types of issues are an unavoidable fact of life. Avoiding opportunities to talk about end-of-life issues will not make these things magically disappear. Instead, talking about estate planning with parents can help Florida families better handle these difficult matters as they arise.

Estate planning encompasses much more than just what happens to a person’s estate after he or she passes away. Making plans for end-of-life care is often just as important as deciding who gets what, especially because of the hefty associated cost. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars per year. Even if their parents seem healthy, adult children should consider asking their parents what their plans are for specialized care during their later years. Discussing end-of-life wishes and planning can alleviate confusion during difficult times.

Asking parents where their estate planning documents are located is also a good idea. While most people try to keep their estate documents together and in a safe place, their locations are not always obvious. It is also a good way to broach the topic of whether they even have an estate plan and what their specific wishes are.

Whether as young children or adults, people in Florida often view their parents as permanent columns in their lives. This can make the sudden death or illness of a parent not only unexpected, but also extremely confusing in terms of dealing with things like paying for care or handling an estate. Broaching the difficult topic of estate planning can help families avoid difficult confrontations or confusion in the future.