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Long-term care an affordability issue

Sep 15, 2017 | Long-Term Care Planning

No one likes to think that they will be unable to care for a loved one should they require assistance in the late stages of life. Unfortunately, without a solid plan in today’s society, people may have to make sacrifices in order to afford care. One woman shared her story and strategy for survival while paying for her husband’s assisted living. Folks considering long-term care in Florida may glean some useful information from this woman’s story. 

The man developed dementia and his condition made it so that he required assisted living. The couple could not find an assisted living home that took Medicare, nor could they find a nursing home that would take him as a dementia patient. Consequently, the woman needed to pay out of packet for her husband’s care. After utilizing his retirement, Social Security and aid payments she was left with only a few hundred dollars per month to take care of her own needs.

The woman anticipates that her husband will need even more expensive care in the future, so she tries to live as frugally as possible. This includes taking near-expired foods and using the services of a food bank. She keeps her costs down because of her deep commitment to her husband. 

The senior population is growing as more and more Americans live longer.”>Long-term care planning is an essential part of preparation for aging. Designating caregivers, choosing insurance plans and planning how to pay for long-term care now can prevent lean times in the future. In Florida, some individuals choose to use the help of experienced elder law attorneys to make a well-rounded estate plan that covers all one’s bases. 

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