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Organization and planning help estate administration tasks

May 29, 2018 | Estate Planning

A person tasked with resolving a loved one’s finances after his or her death may suddenly find themselves with much to take care of. An organized estate plan can aid that person with estate administration, making it less costly and time consuming. In Florida, individuals who wish to prepare for their final needs can ensure that the wrap-up of their final business runs smoothly. 

An individual who is settling the estate of a deceased loved one can also take steps to expedite the process, although one should keep in mind that making too many decisions while emotions are high is not recommended. When the person is emotionally ready to take on the task, the experts say that locating the original will and trust documents can be very helpful. This will allow the administrator to distribute and settle the assets according to the plan. Gathering other important documents and getting multiple copies of the death certificate can be helpful as well.

In the course of estate administration, a person may also need to contact the deceased person’s employer. He or she may also need to file taxes on the deceased person’s behalf. Sometimes, taking on all these tasks can become overwhelming for just one person, and so another common recommendation is to reach out for help. 

In Florida, many people can contribute to finalizing a person’s estate. Friends and family can lend emotional and physical support. A financial adviser may be able to offer useful advice. Finally, some choose to work with an experienced estate and probate attorney for additional input on the best way to complete the administration tasks. 

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