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What should I do with my eBooks during estate planning?

Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency are often the first things that come to mind when people think about digital assets. Because investing in cryptocurrency is still not a mainstream activity, many people in Florida might think that they do not have any digital assets to protect. These individuals might not bring up digital assets at all when estate planning, or may address these assets in a manner not consistent with the law. Either of these actions can have unintended consequences.

Addressing chronic illnesses during estate planning

Living with a chronic illness presents many challenges, including securing necessary medical care. While the daily lives of those living with chronic conditions often reflect those challenges, those issues are frequently left out of estate planning. With the number of people in Florida who are living with chronic illnesses growing, planning for the future is perhaps more important than ever.

The role of transfer on death accounts in estate planning

No one really enjoys thinking about end-of-life matters, but ignoring an uncomfortable situation does not mean that it will go away. Ignoring estate planning needs is also different than ignoring an overdue library book, as the outcome can be much more costly and emotionally traumatizing than a few fines. Not only should the average person in Florida create an estate plan and keep it up to date, he or she could also consider taking steps to keep the estate out of probate when possible.

Should I worry about digital assets during estate planning?

Creating an estate plan may seem fairly straightforward. After a person completes a last will and testament, he or she might feel as if all estate planning needs have been fulfilled. Not only is this approach somewhat misguided -- updating plans is very important -- but it also may leave out some very important assets.

Aretha Franklin's estate planning mistake

Creating an estate plan that creates a lasting legacy or that at least makes things easier for family members should be a priority for Florida residents. Many people understand this and do their best to make sure that they plan appropriately. However, not everyone fully understands how estate planning works, and these individuals can make costly mistakes. This is the situation that the family of the late singer Aretha Franklin is dealing with right now.

What do single parents need to know during estate planning?

Being a single parent often comes with a number of worries. From providing for a child on a single income to dealing with the stresses of parenthood on their own, single parents in Florida already have a lot on their plates. While some might feel as if they could not deal with one more thing at the moment, it is still important to consider how estate planning could benefit both child and parent.

Stop family fighting with estate planning

In an ideal world, Florida families would come together to grieve the loss of a loved one and respectfully follow the wishes of an estate plan. Unfortunately, most people do not live in an ideal world. For those living with complicated family situations, estate planning can feel difficult or even impossible. Here are a few ways to address difficult issues through an estate plan.

Don't let estate planning myths get in the way of your plans

It is no secret that misinformation and myths can be easily spread on the internet, especially when it comes to somewhat complicated or misunderstood topics. Take estate planning, for example. While some people in Florida might have a vague idea of what it entails, there is still a lot of misinformation out there. One of the biggest misconceptions about estate planning is the idea that only the very wealthy need to have an estate plan.

Are you ever really done estate planning?

Planning for end-of-life matters is important, which many people in Florida understand. However, even if a person made the critical step of estate planning and creating a will, there could still be serious gaps in the plan. Updating an estate plan can be just as important as creating one in the first place, but this step is often overlooked.

Don't make these estate planning mistakes

Creating an estate plan might seem straightforward, and in some ways it is. However, estate planning can become a little more involved depending on a person's needs, assets and liabilities. This means that people in Florida cannot adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to the process. Here are a few things that individuals might want to watch out for when embarking on their estate planning journey.


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